Red Carpet Band Director's Association Scholarship


A committee of Red Carpet Directors will evaluate the scholarship applications. The committee shall consist of a representative from each level of high schools represented in the association (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A) and a representative from a junior high and a collegiate or independent member. The members shall meet on Friday of the rehearsals for the honor band and using a process of elimination, narrow the applicants to one. Members of the Association with students applying for the scholarship may serve on the committee if they so choose. They may ask someone else to take their place on the committee, if they feel they are unable to render an unbiased decision or they are serving as a chairperson for one of the honor bands.

Committee members shall be provided with the copies of the applications with names of students and their schools blank (having been "whited out"). The original application will remain intact. The applications will be labeled alphabetically so that the blank application can be matched with the original after the committee's review is completed. Each member of the committee will review each of the applications.

Students will be primarily evaluated based on participation in Red Carpet Honor Band, including their junior high years and involvement within their community in music (playing in community ensemble, church orchestra, etc.).

Students will not be disqualified from the scholarship competition based on a likelihood that they will receive various other scholarships. (We do not have access to that information).

It is suggested that if the committee has difficulty narrowing the applicants down to one person, they should consider the number of years of participation in honor band and solos and ensembles.


Scholarship Application