2016 Junior High Audition Material


2016 High School Audition Material


2016 Entry Form

Entry forms are due October 1, 2016. This link should lead you to an excel document. At the bottom of the document, there are two tabs; one for junior high and one for high school. Type your entries and save the file to your computer. Open an email application and attach the file to the email and send to smlohmann1@juno.com. Please do not simply copy and paste the form (this means someone else has to retype your entries). If you don't know how to attach, ask! Entries must be in my inbox by midnight October 1 to avoid doubling of fees. You will receive a confirmation email, stating that your entries were received.


2016 Audition Payment Form

This form is meant to accompany your entries. It must be snail-mailed and postmarked by October 1, 2016 and should include either a check or purchase order number for your entries. If you like, you may scan and email this form.


Outstanding Director Nomination Form

If you know someone who would make a great outstanding director for our organization, nominate them! These forms can be emailed and are due November 1, 2016. We will vote on our nominees at the audition meeting.